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How It Works

All Products Are Guaranteed!

  1. Send us a list of your non-moving inventory.
  2. Tell us how much you want.
  3. We find buyers and arrange shipping and payment.

Our LOTS are in warehouses located
across the lower 48 States.

We ship directly from the source to you.

Our Customers Trust Us

Let Them Tell You

Over the last few years, Deadstock broker has helped us sell several hundred thousand dollars of “non-performing inventory” (dead stock) that we would still be sitting on if their services were not available.

We send our dead stock inventory lists to them monthly, and they are a valuable and effective part of our Asset Recovery team. Our company has an active approach to inventory control and we believe our levels of dead stock as a percent of total inventory are lower than the industry average. In addition to vendor returns, we use the services of Deadstock Broker on a regular basis.

George has been very effective at helping us sell our non-performing inventory and recover dollars for investment in active inventory. “

Guy Laplante
PSI Fluidpower Ltd.

Our Mission Statement

Profitable, well-run and growing.

Our mission is to be the NO. 1 recycler of industrial inventory in the field. We are profitable for our shareholders and give true value to our customers and suppliers.

To our customers, we supply good quality inventory at a fraction of normal cost.

To our suppliers, we free up the cash locked in their non-performing inventory so they can purchase fast-moving inventory and become more profitable.

Since 95% of our sales consist of used machinery or excess inventory, our impact on the environment is minimal and our sales contribute to the greening of our environment.

At Deadstock Broker, we are profitable, well-run, growing, and a fun place to work. We add value to the bottom line for both our customers and suppliers.