Send Us Your Inventory

Send It By Email

If your dead stock inventory exists in electronic format, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or an accounting program like Simply Accounting or Great Plains, you can send us that list. Your computer techie should be able to export the data in such a way that any confidential information is not included.


  • CSV (Comma Separated Text)
  • TXT (Tab Separated Text)
  • XLS (Microsoft Excel)

The Deadstock Broker is only interested in your Inventory Part Numbers, Description, Qty., and the Price that you want. All other information is not needed.

You can send us the data via email attachment to: inventory@deadstockbroker.comĀ 

Send It By Fax

If you don’t have Excel or a comparable spreadsheet, and if your list is short, please fax it to us. We will create an Excel file of your inventory. This does take us longer, so your data may not be up on our site immediately.

Fax it to: +1 (250) 751-8217

Our Fax Number is (250) 751-8217 – 24hrs